Single mothers, speeding cars: Ukrainian refugees flee west to Romania


Some Ukrainians have crossed the border into Romania by foot, while others drove their luxury cars west. What they all had in common was a fear of Russian attacks in nearby Odesa. Sabina Fati reports from Giurgiulesti.

They left their chickens, goats and dogs with the neighbors and now, pensioners Ludmila* and Vasile have finally made it to the spot where the borders of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania meet.

The couple comes from a village near the Ukrainian city of Tatarbunary, about halfway between Odesa and the Romanian port city of Galati.

They managed to pack their most important possessions into a small red suitcase — it now weighs about 10 kilograms (22 pounds) — and they dragged it for about an hour and a half, walking from the Ukrainian border post to the town of Giurgiulesti, in Moldova. The town sits at the juncture of the three borders.


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